Barad sind frittierte Teigkügelchen in Honig (Fried dough in honey)

Das Rezept stammt aus Mesopotamien und ist seit dem 13. Jahrhundert schriftlich niedergelegt (al-Baghdadi 211/13).

Hier die englische Übersetzung des Rezepts:

Take best white flour, made into a dough, and leave to rise. Put a basin on the fire, with some sesame-oil. When boiling, take in a reticulated ladle some of the dough, and shake it into the oil, so that as each drop of the dough falls in, it sets. As each piece is cooked, remove with another ladle to drain off the oil. Take honey as required, mix with rose water, and put over the fire to boil to a consistency: then take off, and while still in the basin, whip until white. Throw in the barad, and place out on a soft-oiled surface, pressing in the shape of the mould. Then cut into pieces, and serve.

Das komplette Rezept samt Quellenangabe und deutscher Übersetzung befindet sich in meiner Mittelalter-Rezept-Datenbank:

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